C.L.A.Y in VR!

Together with MiTale we are creating VR and mixed reality feature for our players! Before you start thinking “ooh no do not make VR game out of this” do not worry, we are NOT making VR game! We are making exclusive VR content as DLC for those who wish to enter deeper into the rough post-apocalyptic world effected by C.L.A.Y…

The big reveal will be made at GDC 2019!



C.L.A.Y. awarded 3rd at Assembly Summer 2018

20180805_143751.jpgC.L.A.Y. got placed 3rd in the Assembly Summer 2018 gamedev competition! Amazing! But this is far from being the end of the road for C.L.A.Y. as we have great plans for the future!

The Journey Begins

Welcome to the official pages of game C.L.A.Y. in production by BitByByte Creations!

C.L.A.Y. is a roguelike post-apocalypse narrative driven game. Story is placed in a far future where most of the surviving world has been under different effects of “clay” – an intelligent form of technology that can be used and shaped in whichever purpose acquired, yet incredibly dangerous if it gets used by wrong hands.


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