C.L.A.Y. – The Moving City is a story-driven management game, where you lead a tribe of post-apocalyptic survivors, trapped inside a city that is constantly rebuilding itself around you. As the chieftain of your tribe, you need to use your skills as a Shaman, Warchief, Trickster, Clayworker and Pactmaker to navigate the many strange dangers of the Moving City, constantly making choices that can either doom or deliver your people. When your tribe comes across a strange artifact, brought in from the world outside the city, that sends you on a cryptic quest, you soon find your entire tribe fighting for its very survival.

The heart of The Moving City lies in its story, married to game mechanics that all serve to enhance and better tell that story. The player will move through the Moving City from a top-down view, watching it change around them as they attempt to reach locations of special interest, all the while balancing the needs of your people: their Courage and their Food. At these locations, the player will read the story and make choices in the style of adventure games, visual novels, or Failbetter’s Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies. This story can then branch out into multiple different directions; a choice that is a simple one in one player’s game can be the difference between life and death in another’s.

Unique use of IBM quantum technology

The Moving City is to be the first use of IBM:s quantum computer system in a commercially developed game. As such, MiTale, BitByByte Creations and Red Nettle Studio work closely with IBM to leverage the potential of quantum computing; for this project, by procedurally generating the world of the Moving City. In next stages of development, we wish to utilize quantum computing in various features of the characters’ development.

In the lore of the game, the city itself is alive, controlled by a malfunctioning AI who perpetually attempts to build a city it does not have the resources to complete. Using quantum computer code, we change the world the player inhabits according to the quirks of a malfunctioning AI, simulated through a quantum computer, making every game unique.

The Moving City is also an entirely narratively-led game; although 2D and 3D graphics, sound and animation are all focus points as well, the most important aspect will be the writing. A single random encounter can have upwards to a thousand words, with several choices, all of which contributes to creating a new, living, breathing and entirely extraordinary sci-fi world. The final game will consist of hundreds of encounters, conversations, adventures and more, accompanied by carefully design visual-narrative system that provides a truly immersive and top-shelf narrative experience. 

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