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C.L.A.Y. – The Last Redemption is a story-driven rpg, set several generations after the collapse of civilization. The survivors of the apocalypse live in tribal societies and tell stories of the day the cities came alive and devoured all who lived in them.

The apocalypse was caused by C.L.A.Y, a ubiquitous AI-enhanced smartmass that was used to build, enhance or modify nearly everything in the pre-apocalypse; whole cities were built with it, as were drones, vehicles and weapons. No-one expected the AI that controlled the mass would learn to hate humanity.

In the post-apocalypse, C.L.A.Y. lives on both as a curse, in the insane clay golems that hunger for human blood, and as a blessing, as some have learned to control it through ritual and alchemy.

Here are some shots from the game graphics made during the Twitch stream by Natasha Skult (join her art production process LIVE on Wednesdays from 6PM EEST):