How it all started…

C.L.A.Y. universe is created by bunch of nerds from Turku gamedev scene, working together for years on various projects – Mikko Lainio (BitByByte Creations), Petter Skult (Red Nettle Studio) and Natasha Skult (MiTale) decided to create their passion project into reality!

C.L.A.Y. is RPG roguelike post-apocalypse narrative driven game. Story is placed in a far future where most of the surviving world has been under different effects of “clay” – an intelligent form of technology that can be used and shaped in whichever purpose acquired, yet incredibly dangerous if it gets used by wrong hands.

The first demo of the game has been shown at Assembly 2018 in Helsinki, where it received the 3rd place at the Gamedev competition!

Check GAMEPLAY video!


Concepts and screenshots (2018)



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